The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Bali also known as “Island of Gods”, is one of the very special places for Yoga. It has been attracting a lot of yoga practitioners around the world due to its rich culture. This is a perfect destination for someone who needs to work on becoming more self-aware and condition the body and mind to find the deeper connection with this ancient traditional practise.

While Yoga is deeply woven into the Balinese culture, Bali offers a perfect natural setup for activities like yoga. There are pristine beaches, terraced rice fields, lush landscapes as well as sacred forests. Such natural beauty makes it a right place for yoga practices.

How Yoga Evolved in Bali:

Bali’s culture as well as religion has heavy influence from Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindu and Buddhist practices including yoga, became integrated into the culture, rituals as well as the way of life in Bali. Yoga practices are an integral part of Balinese rituals, ceremonies as well as traditional arts such as dance, music and meditation.

With the modern global revival of yoga, fuelled by interest from Western practitioners and teachers, Bali, with its natural beauty, became a magnet for yoga enthusiasts looking for teacher training programs, retreats, workshops etc.

Today Bali has a number of Yoga studios, retreat centres as well as eco-resorts offering workshops, classes and yoga teacher training courses to cater to the growing global demand for holistic wellness experiences.

Bali offers a diverse array of yoga styles, practices and traditions according to the preferences and level of experience of everyone. From traditional Hatha and Ashtanga to contemporary Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, practitioners can explore a wide range of offerings in Bali’s yoga ashrams, studios and retreat centres.

Famous places for yoga teacher training in Bali:

Here are some places in Bali famous for yoga teacher training:

  1. Ubud: This place is the heart of Bali which attracts maximum tourists and yoga enthusiasts has many famous Yoga schools offering the yoga teacher training courses.
  2. Canggu: Situated in the southwest coast of Bali, this place has recently started evolving as one of the famous Yoga hub. With beautiful beaches and water sports around, this place becomes a perfect stop shop for adventure seekers along with learning Yoga
  3. Sanur: This place is known for beautiful sandy and calm beaches that gives a very soothing experience while performing yoga. It is a place that attracts many tourists seeking for a retreat like experience
  4. Amed: On Bali’s northeastern coast, Amed is renowned for its volcanic black sand beaches as well as vibrant coral reefs. It’s also a great destination for yoga teacher training, offering a tranquil setting away from the crowds.
  5. Balian Beach: Located on Bali’s west coast, it’s also home to yoga retreats and teacher training programs, providing a peaceful setting for yoga practice amidst nature.
  6. North Bali: It is the tranquil and less-developed region of Bali. It offers opportunities for yoga teacher training amidst lush tropical landscapes as well as serene coastal villages.

Teacher Training courses Available in Bali:

There are different certified yoga teacher training courses available. But the most popular course is the “Registered Yoga Teacher” (RYT) program which is a credential from Yoga Alliance, USA. This program can be categorised in different training courses: RYT-200, RYT-300, RYT-500.

RYT-200: This is a 200 hours training program. After completing the 200 hours training, one needs go through evaluation process and get certified by the Yoga Alliance.

RYT-300: This is a 300 hours training program. This program demands more time as it involves few extra classes along with 200 hours classes which will allow you to go deeper into the knowledge and practise.

RYT-500: This 500 hours training program can be a standalone program or it is a combination of YRT-200 and YRT-300 program done back to back. So, it needs commitment and dedication of nearly 2 months to the practise

General Curriculum Overview:

In general, curriculum of a yoga course is as under:

Philosophy of Yoga: To learn yoga in detail, one should study ancient yogic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Physiology & Anatomy: Under this, one should understand the human body and its movements as well as the benefits and contraindications of yoga poses.

Yoga poses and Sequencing: under this students learn yoga poses, alignment principles as well as how to sequence them effectively.

Pranayama and Meditation: Students learn about the techniques of breathwork as well as meditation practices.

Teaching Methodology: Students learn the art of teaching, how to design a class, cueing, demonstration, adjustments to enhance the teaching skills.

Points to consider while choosing the best Yoga place:

Identify your objectives: First of all, identify your priority- if you wish to just practise or get a deeper knowledge of practise. It will help you to select an intense training or retreat-style training.

Select your Yoga Style: Choose your yoga style according to your objective. If not able to locate the right one, select a generic style of yoga for your 200, 300 or 500-hour yoga teacher training.

Choose the right school:  Choosing a right school among so many maybe a challenge. So here are some tips: Look for a school that has been established since a long time, has good reviews on social media platform, check for the valid Yoga Alliance ID from the school.

Enquire about the faculty: You should also check about the faculty before selecting the school. Two or more teachers per training is quite important. Some schools registered with Yoga Alliance may have guest teachers for specialised study modules such as anatomy.

Check for what more the Yoga school has to offer apart from the Yoga alliance curriculum. For example, some may offer Ayurveda sessions, sound healing sessions etc.

Bali provides a great environment for aspiring teachers to deepen their practice, expand their knowledge.  There are several yoga ashrams and retreat centres in Bali, out of which one great option is “Bali Yoga Ashram” which offers a diverse range of yoga programs including different yoga teacher training courses. Contact us now to know more about the Yoga courses we offer

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