Why Choose Bali for Yoga Teacher Training?

If you have decided to pursue a yoga teacher training course to become a certified yoga teacher or yoga instructor, it is important to locate the most suited place for your yoga training. By the way, there are a huge number of choices available worldwide. However, one of the best places is Bali for all kinds of yoga activities including a yoga teacher training course.

Bali has a strong recognition for yoga across the world. There are a number of reasons why Bali can be a great choice for yoga teacher training. In order to select the location for your yoga training, you should consider:

Location and Environment: Bali has a rich culture which is highly influenced by Hindu culture. Yoga has its roots in Hinduism, hence Bali becomes a natural match for yoga practices. Apart from that the spiritual atmosphere that you enjoy there gives the true inspiration and support in performing yoga practice and depending on your knowledge.

The environment in Bali is perfect for yoga like activity because it is full of places with natural beauty and silence. You can not only perform yoga asanas but also meditation in a fresh weather with abundant silence. Therefore, Bali’s environment is  perfect for yoga aspirants as well as yoga schools.

Affordable destination and training: A yoga teacher training in Bali, can be more affordable as compared to that in any other western country. The cost of living in Bali is lower as compared to that in other places such as: America, Europe, Australia etc.

Which means, the expenses like food, accommodation and transportation can be more budget friendly. Apart from that, there are several good yoga schools which offer multiple types of training programs including teacher training in many yoga styles. They also provide well designed and detailed syllabus and curriculum hence you can seek for a good school and training course at affordable prices.

Credibility of schools and their offerings: For any yoga program, one must check for the credibility of the school and its offerings because it is crucial to ensure a fulfilling training experience. Bali has a number of reputed yoga ashrams and schools with high credibility as well as offerings apart from yoga programs such as massage therapy, Ayurvedic consultations, acupuncture, devotional chanting, dancing, sound healing sessions and spiritual gatherings etc.

Experienced Teachers: As Bali is a renowned yoga destination, hence knowledgeable and well experienced teachers are always available in Bali. Teachers with high experience are better able to give comprehensive and effective instruction.

Facilities and Amenities:  For a good yoga training experience, the school must have proper facilities and amenities for the students. In this area, yoga centres in Bali provide proper facilities to their students.

Yoga community: Bali has a well developed yoga environment hence there is a big and supportive yoga community that you get to join. When you meet like minded people with similar goals, it becomes easy to complete the program successfully without any problem.

Other Fun Activities: Apart from yoga, Bali has many other fun activities also such as Waterfall visit, Cycling tour, Visit to rice terraces, Surfing, Temple visit etc. you will definitely enjoy such fun activities also while you visit Bali.

Bali has everything to offer to  yoga teacher training aspirants that they really need to complete their training successfully. This place is full of world class yoga schools and ashrams. Bali Yoga Ashram offers world class yoga teacher training in Bali with different yoga styles. You can contact Bali Yoga Ashram for more details.

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