Meditation Retreat in Bali-find Life Underneath Life Situations

Knowingly or unknowingly the whole world has learned to trust their intellect and mostly rely on information and technology to function in their everyday life. This has surely made us smart and efficient but at the same time, it is also diminishing the power of intuition. We don’t trust our feelings, we have stopped listening to our bodies. So many of us keep working without giving rest to our brains. Have any queries related meditation retreat in Bali? Contact Us


1) Become Truly Aware of Your Breathing

As Thich Nhat Hanht Said in his book How to Relax- “Your breathing is where you can take refuge. No matter what thoughts, emotions, and perceptions are going on inside you, your breath is always there, like a faithful friend”. However, it seems like we have forgotten the right way of breathing which is affecting our ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Knowing this Bali Yoga Ashram has included specific breathing methods in the upcoming meditation retreat in Bali.

2) Enhance your ability To Rest

We are at the pinnacle of evolution on this planet but on earth, you would be surprised that the wisdom of stopping and healing is still alive in animals, but we human beings have lost the capacity to rest.

The reluctance to talk about power naps at work is quite common. All successful people avoid the diminishment of their money but never think about their health in the same way. Hence, a break is needed to understand the importance of rest.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to think about resting when you are living your usual routine life and this retreat in Bali can offer that vibe to take drop all that load off for some time and allow your mind to rest.

3) Dropping the need for validation in Bali

As Jay Shetty said in one of his talks- “ I am not what I think I am, I am not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am.” Yes, read that again, we are always living in the perception of a perception. Our need to validate our image is much deeper than we think. Hence, our actions and our thoughts always seek the validation of others. Which surely takes us away from our true nature and becomes a reason for stress. However, this Meditation retreat in Bali uses yogic techniques like dhyana and dharna to make you aware of your true self. Philosophy teacher of Bali Yoga Ashram is known to have helped many yoga teacher training students in realizing the true self which has ultimately changed the way they do things now.

4) Being free from the past**

We all live in a three-dimensional world of past, present, and future. While we all want to live in present, we always find ourselves stuck in the past and future but if you look closely what we are suffering is the inability to use the two functions of the brain which are memory and imagination. So in this retreat in Bali, we will try to draw your attention to what is false **in you and bring out the true nature of human unconsciousness to reduce the conflicts in relationships with yourself.

5) Leaving the need for perfection**

You must have experienced a voice in the background of your head that comments, speculates, judges, compares, complains, likes, dislikes, and so on. The voice isn’t necessarily relevant to the situation you find yourself in at the time; it may be reviving the recent or distant past or rehearsing or imagining the possible future situation and always looking to find a perfect moment but never actually catching it. We have had many people from around the world experience that perfection only stands in mind. This meditation retreat is wonderfully designed in a way that explores deeper regions of the mind and frees you from your cravings for being perfect in every situation.

What’s More in Meditation Retreat Bali?

Three Myths Will Burst

MYTH #1 Humanity has reached the pinnacle of its development.

MYTH #2 We are completely separate from each other, nature,

and the Cosmos.

MYTH #3 The physical world is all there is.

Not only these myths will burst, but a magical experience also awaits you at this retreat in Bali.

Free yourself from your mind this time as it is the only true liberation.

An exercise you can do to become the observer of your mind.

Start listening to the voice in your head as often as you can. Pay particular attention to any repetitive thought patterns, those old gramophone records that have been playing in your head perhaps for many years. This is what I mean by “watching the thinker,” which is another way of saying: listen to the voice in your head and be there as the witnessing presence. You’ll soon realize: there is the voice, and here I am listening to it, watching it.

5 Exciting Things In Meditation Retreat in Bali

Yoga & Meditation

Bali is a blissful place for any peace-loving person, or for those who are curious about the wellness journey. Bali Yoga Ashram treats its guests well, with healthy food, abundant nature, spa treatments, daily yoga classes, and meditation classes.


Experience a holistic & healing energy session with a gentle Ayurvedic massage to bring your chakras back into balance.


Different type of healing happens when you stay silent for long days on a retreat in Bali. Bali has many experiences to offer such as sound healing, silence day, mantra chanting, keertan nights etc.


A healthy and sattvic diet will be curated in the retreat in Bali Yoga Ashram while you have options to explore the local food such as eat tempeh. Some traditional dishes include Nasi Goreng, Jackfruit Rendang, and Sambal Matah.


Balinese culture will sweep your reality off your feet with its beautiful scenic location to its friendly and adventurous people. It is the perfect land for you to start your spiritual journey with meditation.

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