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Meditation Retreats in Bali

  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Date 24 Nov - 30 Nov 2022
  • The course fee and date are same for both Meditation Retreat and Pre-Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course. Join us for an experience like never before.


$799 (Double Occupancy)

$999 (Single Occupancy)

Meditation Retreats in Bali

In modern life, we are often so busy coping with the race of everyday life and materialism, that it becomes rare to pause long enough to deepen our views about the true essence of life. We, the human race, repeatedly are trying to provide a certain depth & meaning to life through so many things and as we grow older and older we only realise that life is nothing but a swing between the dualities of life.

We all at some point in life have tried to find that inner peace but have we truly ever experienced it? 

No matter what religion we belong to or what culture we believe in, we all have an inner knowing that there is a mysterious force that governs the whole of the universe. Meditation is a practice to connect us with that mysterious force. 

Meditation is not just about peace, happiness & calmness but it also holds a very strong significance in uplifting you spiritually & leading you on the paths of higher realms.

7 Days Meditation Retreat in Bali

At Indriya, we delve deep into the practices of Dhyana. For meditation newbies, it is a journey to experience something that they have never experienced before & for the practitioners, it is a calling to deepen their sadhana. 

It is a 7-day retreat where you learn the different techniques of meditation accompanied by various activities to ground yourself & connect with the divine power of mother earth. 

The Ancient Powerful Techniques of Meditation 

India has long been known for its wisdom. A variety of Hindu meditations offer powerful spiritual tools for that learning meditation.

retreats in bali

Traditional Meditation Techniques you will learn:

  • Chakra Meditation: Detailed Understanding of the 7 Chakras 
  • Mantra Meditation: A technique where you practice chanting the sacred Indian Mantras to evolve spiritually 
  • Japa Mala: Use of the sacred rudraksha mala for meditation 
  • Silent Meditation: to connect deeper with your inner voice. 
  • Tratak: Candle Gazing Technique to delve deeper into the practices of Dharana
  • Mudras: Powerful Hand Gestures
  • Understanding of the Kundalini Power 
  • Ancient Indian Philosophy 


Pratyahara (Inward Awareness)
Pratyahara (Inward Awareness )

Pratya means to ‘withdraw’ and ahara refers to anything we ‘take in’. These objects are not just limited to the outside world but also the noise of our internal chatters. This conscious withdrawal of energy from these senses is Pratyahara.

Dharna (Deep Concentration)
Dharna (Deep Concentration )

The act of one-pointed attention on an internal or external object is Dharana. The word “Dharana” itself means “unbending concentration of the mind.” When one becomes indifferent to worldly matters, he is fit to proceed on the inner quest, enriching the mind through Dharana.

Dhyana (Conscious Awareness)
Dhyana (Conscious Awareness)

Dhyana is a state of deep meditation. When we learn to deepen our concentration, we organically begin to traverse into the next limb of yoga: dhyana, meditative absorption. This practice of yoga brings keen awareness and moves us from a state of doing to being.

Samadhi (Oneness)

The state beyond duality & complete absorption is "Samadhi". It is an experience of infinite bliss which is the highest state of consciousness. It is about reaching a point where the self, the mind, and the object of meditation merge into one.

Pre & Postnatal Teacher Training Course in Bali

Birth is a sacred, spiritual journey to welcome a child into the world. Each trimester correlates to a stage of the epic journey where emotional, spiritual, and physical connections heighten your awareness of yourself and your unborn child. Through these stages, the mundane and everyday are elevated to the sublime and transformative. The sacrament of birth – The passage of a new soul into this plane of existence. The knowledge that every childbirth is a spiritual experience has been forgotten by too many people in the world today. Introducing a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga: Teachers Training Course where we delve deep into the teachings of Garbhopanishad that the ancient Indian culture has provided us with. 

Vedic culture has always highlighted the importance of mental & spiritual well-being alongside physical well-being.  This course is uniquely designed to help you understand the journey of a woman right from puberty to menopause.

Yoga Alliance Certified Pre-Postnatal Teacher Training Course

What is Garbha Upanishad?

The term Garbha means "womb" and "relating to gestation".The text's title means "esoteric doctrine relating to gestation, womb, foetus". It is also called Garbhopanishad

Garbha Upanishad is one among the 108 Upanishads. Its author is Pippalada Maharshi.

Garbha Upanishad deals with the conception, and development of the embryo both from a physiological and spiritual angle.

Throughout this programme of your certified yoga teacher training course, you will be trained by our efficient and experienced teachers with a prime motive to mould you into a better practitioner and an expert teacher.

This 85 Hours of Teacher Training Program ends with an evaluation. It bestows a detailed understanding of womanhood & a specialised knowledge about mentoring women & yourself in Pregnancy, Postpartum & Woman's Health.

This course will provide you with a framework to deepen your connection to your body, support your yoga students or launch a career in the field of birth work.

What will you learn?
  • Understanding of the Womb Anatomy
  • Study of Prenatal Yoga 
  • Yoga During Pregnancy 
  • Study of Postnatal Yoga 
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy
  • Couple Therapy
  • Understanding of the three trimesters 
  • Psychotheraphy for Pregnancy 
  • Teachings of Grabha Upanishads 
  • Teaching Methodology for Pregnancy Yoga 
  • Indian Practices for Pregnancy & Women's Health
  • Asan, Pranayam & Mantra Chanting for Pregnant Women
  • Meditation Techniques for Pregnancy
Who should do this course?
  • Yogis learning about women’s health, pregnancy and conscious birthing; 
  • Those who are on their pregnancy journey and seeking to connect more deeply through yoga and holistic birth support
  • Yoga teachers want to deepen their teaching skills on multiple levels; 
  • Those who are seeking practices and skills for a conscious pregnancy and birth;
  • Nutritionists, Therapists & Ayurveda Consultants
  • Anyone focused on reproductive health and women-centred yoga practice
  • Join us to foster a deeper connection with your feminity

Join us in Novemeber 2022 - Bali Yoga Ashram

Course Date
  • Meditation Retreat:
    24th Nov 2022 to 30th
    Nov 2022

  • Pre-Postnatal Yoga Course:
    24th Nov 2022 to 30th
    Nov 2022
Course Fee/per person
  • USD 799 ( Shared Room)
  • USD 999 ( Private Room)

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