How to Do Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)? – Gomukhasana Benefits & Precautions.

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Gomukhasana (Sanskrit: गोमुखासन; IAST: Gomukhāsana) or Cow Face Pose is a seated asana in hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise, sometimes used for meditation.

How to Do Gomukhasana?

Sit in dandasna now bend both knees slightly and bring the knees close to torso knees facing up Now place either of the heel touching the opposite hip from outside and bring the knee straight in front of groin, as the bottom leg makes a triangle Do the same with the other leg by placing the other leg bent over the bottom leg and knee should be on top of the bottom leg knee, both heels should touch the outer hip Now take the same side of the arms overhead which is on top, and another hand from the bottom trying to grab the hands or fingers of both hands behind the back And make an effort to bring the elbow of both hands in a straight line behind the back, and look slightly up towards third eye or ceiling, hold this position for as long as comfortable, now repeat the same on the other side by switching the arms and legs position.

Gomukhasana Precautions:

Avoid hunching the spine, try to sit tall

Do not force to grab the hands, do as much as possible comfortably

Gomukhasana Benefits:

Squeezes the reproductive organs and improves gonads function

Improves awareness and circulation in the hip and shoulder region

Mobilizes hip and shoulder joints.

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