How to do Bhujapidasana – Shoulder-Pressing Pose?


Deep forward bend with bent knees, ability to sit in squat, strong forearms and shoulders


Sit in malasana , place both shoulders between knees and start squeezing the shoulders with knees and resist with shoulders by trying to keep the chest wide,

As you inhale place the shoulders behind the knees and keep on squeezing the shoulders then place the palm behind the heels flat shoulder with apart,

With exhalation sit back down on elbows and cross the ankles in front

If you are comfortable here bend the knees more to take the ankles closer to hips and exhale to drop the chin or forehead down on the floor for the final position

Hold the final position for 5 to 8 breath

Now as you inhale lift the head back up and straight the legs for firefly to exit from the pose take the legs back for crow pose and finally jump back for chaturanga dandasana.


Strengthen the wrist, arms, shoulders, core, legs.

Brings flexibility in hip extensors, spinal extensor muscles.

Stimulates root chakra


 Avoid while Wrist injury, shoulder injury, lower back injury, SI joint injury.

Warm up the wrist warm-up for forward bend.

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